MV140 (Uromune) in recurrent urinary tract infections

MV140 (Uromune) in recurrent urinary tract infections



08/2020. Uromune-MV140. A systematic Review

A systematic review on MV140 (Uromune) has been published. All relevant clinical studies published have been considered to globally assess the impact of this vaccine in the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections.   

MV140 (Uromune) is a sublingual bacterial vaccine developed by INMUNOTEK designed to prevent urinary tract infections in patients with recurrent infections. In the vast majority of cases, these are bacterial infections that cause recurrent cystitis, which mainly affect women. The conventional treatment of this pathology is based on antibiotics.

The review, published in Can Urol Assoc J, assess the degree of evidence on the clinical efficacy of MV140 (Uromune) in the prevention of this type of pathology from published clinical trials. The authors’ s conclusion is that this vaccine can be an alternative to antibiotics to avoid the recurrence of these types of infections.

Could sublingual vaccination be a viable option for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infection in Canada? A systematic review of the current literature and plans for the future

J. Curtis Nickel, MD, FRCSC,corresponding author(1), Paula Saz-Leal, PhD,(2) and R. Christopher Doiron, MD(1)

1) Department of Urology, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada
2) Inmunotek S.L., Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Review (pdf)

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